Laura Caicedo


Laura Caicedo (b.1997) is a Colombian contemporary artist living and working in Miami, Florida. Laura Caicedo’s oil paintings are an emotional, in-depth study of color and form.


The Covid-19 pandemic allowed her to study and concentrate on her paintings. In 2022, she ranked within the top 100 at Visual Art Open in London. Additionally, she won Best Beginner at the Pleinair Art Salon at PleinAir Magazine, and she was selected to be part of an online exhibition in Art Fluent Gallery.


Being from Colombia, a country that produces almost 25% of global rose supplies, I appreciate flowers and their delicate beauty. I feel a strong emotional connection with flowers and enjoy depicting their intricate forms in my paintings.

I also enjoy the viscosity of paint, color, and form. My images focus on the plasticity of color; I like to depict color dripping on objects.

I see art as another language. Instead of finding the best words for a poem, I find the best colors and forms for a painting.   

     We invite you to see that beauty explore it with us.